Body Acceptance Saved My Life


I have been bombarded with article after article about how the “Body Acceptance” movement is an excuse to be fat, unmotivated, lazy and gluttonous. Perhaps for some it is, though I sincerely doubt it. I can only speak for myself when I say that accepting who and what I am has been a long journey.

Being a fat woman is not something that I could ever just deal with. I went through years and years hating myself, abusing my body and feeling worthless. I remember so vividly being a young girl and wanting so badly to fit into the clothes that every other girl had. I was 10 years old and all I wanted was a pair of parachute pants. Everyone had them and I wanted them. My mother took me to Sears, to the “husky” department. There were plenty of corduroys and stiff, dark denim pants but no parachute pants. It was at this time that I realized that I was different from my peers.

Middle school was a terrible time. It was the time when all the girls in my class were developing and noticing boys. While I noticed boys and found many of them to be cute, I never dared to speak to any of them. I was fat and I didn’t have the right clothes or look.

High school was another bad time in my life. Probably the worst time in my life. Girls were so mean and cruel, if you didn’t fit the mold of what was trendy and beautiful than you were not wanted. Dances, Homecomings and Prom were never something I looked forward to. No one would want to ask me and even if someone did, where would I find a dress to fit me? My solution was to get a job and work every time there was a dance at school. It helped keep my mind off of all the fun I was missing.

Life goes on and we mature and we become the people we were meant to be. I grew into a fat woman, but not just any fat woman. I am strong and determined. I am accepting of who I am and I allow myself to love who I am. I smile now, I am truly happy. I only allow positive and accepting people in my life. Sure, there are many things I would like to change about myself. I work on those things everyday. Not one of those things is my weight however. All of the name calling, rejections and hurt I have went through have made me a better, more accepting and understanding person. I truly know how it hurts to be treated badly

I was fortunate enough to discover a blog called More To Love. It is ran by a wonderful woman, Rachel Estapa. Rachel is a powerhouse of positivity and she is very much an inspiration. Rachel offers a class, More To Love class. Through this class I met so many wonderful, inspirational and brave women. Even though class has ended I still am in contact with my MTL Family. There are times when you just need to talk to someone who really understands you and will be judgment free.

So no, The Body Acceptance movement is not an excuse for anything. The Body Acceptance movement is a lifestyle and better way of thinking, a more loving and meaningful approach to your life as a fat person. I am the best person I have ever been since I have taken the steps to love myself and my body. The Body Acceptance movement has truly saved my life.

I encourage anyone reading this post to visit Rachel’s site: