Things “To – Do”- Day 16


Only look at things from a positive perspective

Wow, this is a tall order. It is very difficult to see the positive in something negative that is happening in your life. How many of us can look at a job loss as a positive thing? A divorce, a car accident? Believe it or not all of these things do have a positive aspect, it is the journey to finding the positive that can be a rough ride.

Lets take a look at job loss; it can be devastating especially if you didn’t see it coming. Everything is great, you are happy with your job, your boss is happy with your work, everything is good. Whamo, out of the blue the bosses boss wants to restructure things and you are out of a job. Your immediate thought is “how do I pay my bills.”

After that initial shock try to look at this situation through positive lenses. Now you have the chance to look for a job that truly fits your passion, perhaps now is the time to take some classes, learn a new skill. Maybe you have thought about relocating, no better time than now.

Stop making that face, that face that says you think I must be insane. I completely understand this method of thinking will not happen overnight. My challenge to you is to start taking baby steps towards positive thinking today.