My Fat Life Is Not Worth Insuring?



I am at the place in my life where I have been thinking about life insurance. I am 13 months away from being 40 (yes I am counting the months, don’t judge me). I figured this is a  good time to get life insurance in the event something were to happen to me. I want to be sure my daughter can finish college and that there is enough money to cover my funeral expenses. This is a topic I really do not like thinking about but it is a reality.

I began by researching life insurance companies, I worked in the auto insurance industry so I am familiar with some of the jargon. I read through many of the more prominent insurance vendors websites and decided to get a quote from three different ones. As soon as the companies hear what my height/weight ratio is they immediately told me they could not cover me. I was considered a “high risk”. High risk? I am a healthy, 38 year old woman, I do not smoke, I do not drink , I do to jump from airplanes (in fact I have never been on an airplane), I do not drag race ( I have been known to drive a wee bit fast when I am running late), I wear my seat belt, I do not have high blood pressure nor do I have diabetes. How am I a high risk? I am fat, that is how.

As of today I still have no life insurance and I don’t know where else to look. If anyone else has ran into this problem or if you have any tips or pointers for me please leave me a comment.