Is Fat the New Black


I was talking with a friend the other day, well I should say I was listening to an acquaintance rant. He was upset at an article he saw on Facebook about a morbidly obese woman that wanted to marry her young lover. Here is a link to the Huffington Post Article :

My acquaintance was upset at the fact that this woman weighed 765 lbs., he was ranting about how she was a dreg on society and she does not deserve to be alive much less married.

I had to stop him at this point, I could not listen to one more comment or rude thing he had to say. It was at this point he said to me, “Oh yeah, I forgot fat is the new black, gay used to be the new black, now it is fat.” He proceed to rant on about how the liberal media is pushing the agenda that we all must love one another and accept everyone. Regardless of how unhealthy they are or how against your beliefs it is.

There are so many things wrong with this statement I just do not know where to start. The liberal media is not the one pushing the body acceptance movement or the treating people with respect movement. That should be a part of common decency and a good upbringing. I was flabbergasted that someone I have known as an acquaintance for 20 years or more would say these things to me. I am an obese person, I am some one that supports a healthy body image and a more accepting society. Why would he think it was an acceptable thing to say?

I then proceeded to think about his comment “Fat is the new black”. Is it? Is fat really the “thing” to be now? I simply do not see it that way. I see people becoming more confident in the bodies they were given. I see people not allowing themselves to be shamed and to be made to feel like they should hide away. I see people that for the first time in their lives they feel a sense of worth and pride. I am one of those people and I love what I have become. I will never go back to feeling unworthy just because of my size.

I truly feel that certain groups of people will always feel threatened when others that they deem are “different” rise up and speak up. Small minded people are afraid of a change in the social norms, they are afraid of losing their place in the world. The time has come, the small minded amongst us, the rude, the people full of hate, they need to realize their time is over.

I am a fat woman, I deserve to be happy, I deserve to be loved and to love, I deserve to live my life by my own guidelines. If people cannot accept that I am proud of my extra pounds, that I love my curves and my rolls, that I am fine with my stretch marks, then I do not need them in my life.

If you are dealing with negative people in your life leave me a comment about how you handle them.

As always, stay strong, stay brave and stay GUTsy 🙂