Random Fat Girl Thought of the Day



If you had to choose only ONE superpower between:

1. Invisibility

2. Ability to fly

Which would you choose and why? What would you do with your superpower? Would you get a sidekick (sidekick has no super powers).


7 thoughts on “Random Fat Girl Thought of the Day

  1. boolaurene

    I would so go for the ability to fly! Could you imagine easily being able to reach far stretches of the world without the need for airplanes? Or the ability to just fly overhead all of the traffic queues? Or be able to get somewhere quickly when you’re needed somewhere. It’d be brilliant!


      • Sorry! Taken me 2 years almost to see this comment – I am so pants at social media!

        My sky dive was in aid of a Cornish Charity called Bosumbuddies and raises funds to educate 13-16yr olds on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and how to check themselves properly. The skydive itself was awesome – tiny little plane that took off with the side door open. No seats or seatbelt – we sat on the floor! and the most beautiful countryside to watch as we fell! Think we raised around £8,000 between the few of us that did it 🙂 If ever you get the chance then please do try it – absolutely life changing. That and walking barefoot over hot coals (but thats another story altogether!)

        Will try and put a link up below.



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