New Netflix Show Newsflash!!!!


Oh my gosh you guys! I watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt last night and it was AMAZING. I just adore Ellie Kemper, she is perfect in this role and Tituss Burgess is simply perfect as her roommate/bestie.

The show is based on a pretty dark topic, being held captive in an underground bunker by a crazed cult leader for 15 years with 3 other women and no contact with the outside world. However, the series creators, Tina Fey (my ultimate girl crush) and Robert Carlock, have managed to find the light in all the darkness of this topic.

Kimmy is a 29 year old woman trapped in the mental state of a 14 year old girl. “Does this backpack look babyish?”. With all Kimmy has been through she still possess an indomitable spirit and the ability to remain positive that many of us can only dream of.

I highly recommend this program. Please leave me a comment if you have watched it or if you are planning on checking it out!


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